The Dream Cards by Strephon Kaplan-Williams The Dream Cards by Strephon Kaplan-Williams were published in English (1991), Norwegian (1992), Danish, Italian (1993), Portuguese (1998), Dutch (1999) and German (2000).

Strephon Kaplan-Williams: "While The Dream Cards were based on many people's major dream symbols and are designed for gaining meaning from your dreams, they also work effectively in helping you find inner wisdom about your own life issues. Often the Cards show an uncanny perception of the dominant energies at work in ones life.
The synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, is extremely powerful with these Cards. Each Dream Card has 9 key images. In the Symbol Glossary there are over 5000 items to look up. In this way you find most major symbols and dynamics that appear in dreams and life.
A Wisdom Card matches every Dream Card. As more than one person has said: They always work!. This means that you will gain just the right insight you need in dealing with yourself and your life situations."

A Dream Cards box contains 66 Dream Cards, 66 Wisdom Cards and a booklet. Die deutschen Traumkarten: Traum Symbol Karten De Nederlandse kaarten: Droomkaarten The English Dream Cards are OUT OF PRINT. When ordering used, be sure that the set is complete!