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In 1978 Strephon Kaplan-Williams founded Journey Press in California to publish the first dreamwork manual ever: The Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual. From 1980 on 80.000 copies have been sold in English and in German. Later his famous The Dream Cards were published by Simon & Schuster in 1991, with 110.000 copies sold around the world in seven languages. Strephon's little book The Elements of Dreamwork, originally published by Element Books, also sold well in eight languages. In the box below you find all major publications by Strephon Kaplan-Williams. Most of his work can still be obtained used. Some books are still in print.

JourneyPress The Netherlands Since 2005 Journey Press is owned by Fotografica Nijmegen. Journey Press The Netherlands is copyright holder of the Dream Cards in all languages, the Dream Cards Recipes, the Dream Alphabet and of earlier dreamwork publications by Strephon Kaplan-Williams.

Dream Cards DREAM CARDS BOOKSET (1991)   consists of 66 Dream Cards, 66 Wisdom Cards and a booklet with sample readings. The English DREAM CARDS are OUT OF PRINT for some years now. Be cautious with sellers that offer the Dream Cards 'new' for a very high price. When ordering used, be sure that the Dream Cards and Wisdom Cards are included!

isbn: 067173797X | 9780671737979
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Dream Cards RecipesDREAM CARDS RECIPES BOOK (2004) for users of the Dream Cards who want to do advanced indepth work. The Dream Cards Recipes book contains around 40 new ways of using the Dream Cards.

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Dream Cards RecipesTHE DREAM ALPHABET (2004)   this new and consciousness evoking approach to working with symbols in life and dreams gives you 3000 key questions. You find the symbols which have the most energy for you in your dream or life situation and then you look these up in the over two thousand entries of the Dream Alphabet.

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isbn: 9078729058 | 9789078729051

Droomkaarten Strephon Kaplan-WiliamsDROOMKAARTEN (1999)   is een box met 66 droomkaarten, duidingskaarten en handboek. Het vormt een systeem van meer dan 5000 symbolen en energiebeelden. De duidingskaarten horen bij de droomkaarten en deze helpen de betekenis van elk symbool verklaren.

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isbn: 9073140366 | 9789073140363

Traumsymbolkarten Strephon Kaplan-WiliamsTRAUM SYMBOL KARTEN (1999)   Box & Buch mit 66 Traumkarten und Erklärungskarten. Die Karten eignen sich nicht nur für die Traumarbeit, sondern vor allem als Hilfestellung bei Lebensentscheidungen.

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isbn: 3931652475 | 9783931652470

Cartas dos SonhosCARTAS dos SONHOS (reprint 2010)
Entenda seus sonhos e enriqueça sua vida.

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isbn: 8528606376 | 9788577992430

Le Carte dei SogniLe Carte dei Sogni LE CARTE DEI SOGNI (1991)
isbn: 8871330242 | 9788871330242

isbn: 8742704871 | 9788742704875

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Le Carte dei SogniDREAMS AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH (1984)   a Judeo-Christian way of Dreamwork. A comprehensive dreamwork methodology including thirty-seven dreamwork techniques that integrate psychological, spiritual, historical and theological perspectives. Strephon is co-writer with Louis M. Savary and Patricia H. Berne.

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isbn: 080912629X | 9780809126293

Jungian Senoi Dreamwork ManualJUNGIAN SENOI DREAMWORK MANUAL (1980, 1988)
The first dreamwork manual ever. A classic in the dreamwork field.

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isbn: 0918572061 | 9780918572066

DreamworkingDREAMWORKING (1991)   This book is also considered a classic in the dreamwork field. It is the updated edition of the earlier Jungian Senoi Dreamwork Manual.

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isbn: 0918572096 | 9780918572097

DURCH TRAUMARBEIT ZUM EIGENEN SELBSTDURCH TRAUMARBEIT ZUM EIGENEN SELBST (1984, 1991, 2000) Die Jung-Senoi Methode | Kreative Nutzung der Träume
Deutsch-Übersetzung der Jungian Senoi Dreamwork Manual

isbn: 3715701064, 3778771515 | 9783715701066, 9783778771518

TraumarbeitDer Schlussel zum UnterbewussteinTRAUM-ARBEIT (1993)  Deutsch-Übersetzung der Dreamworking
isbn: 3442122058 | 9783442122059

Der Schlüssel zum Unterbewußtsein (1995, 2001)
Sonderausgabe der Traum-Arbeit
isbn: 3811212133 | 9783811212138