The Dream Cards Course for beginners will help you to work with the Dream Cards.

1 • Shuffle your Dream Cards. Pick blindly from the deck a Card of Focus for this week. Meditate to it letting thoughts come. 2 • Take your Card of Focus, study its images and read the same numbered Wisdom Card. Write the issues and insights that come. 3 • Focus on an issue at the start of the day. Shuffle and take a Card. Write or discuss what it evokes in terms of your issue. 4 • Focus on an issue at the end of the day. Shuffle and take a Card. How does it reflect on what happened in your day? Write or express.
5 • If you have three Cards chosen, meditate on their relations to each other and what it means for you. 6 • Review the three companion Wisdom Cards and write or talk about the teachings for you. 7 • Ask the Dream Cards how you have done this week by shuffling and drawing a Card. Note your reactions. 8 • With a friend each choose a Card from the shuffled deck and say what your own Card means to you.
9 • Two Card Spread: Shuffle and choose first Card for yourself and second Card for your issue. Relate the two. 10 • Look at your Two Card Spread and use its themes and insights to focus on during your day. Evaluate. 11 • Describe a conflict to a friend or in writing. Shuffle and choose a Breakthrough Card. React. 12 • Ask the Cards what you most need to focus on during your day? Shuffle and choose one Card.
13 • Re-look at the Cards of this week for connections. Consult their Wisdom Cards. 14 • Use your Cards to do a One Card Reading with someone else today. Let the insights flow. 15 • Shuffle and choose a new Card to focus on for the week. What issues are emphasized? 16 • Look through your Cards and pick one to three Cards which have strong energy for you.
17 • Do a Relationship Spread by choosing a Card for yourself and the other person. 18 • Do a Relationship Spread by you and another each picking a Card blindly and sharing. 19 • Take the day off from Dream Cards work but not from inner wisdom. 20 • Shuffle and pick a Card to meditate on. At the end of day review the Card.
21 • Review Cards for the week. List issues and insights and what happened. 22 • Make a choice today based on perspective gained from choosing a Card blindly from the shuffled deck. 23 • Define an issue. Choose a Card blindly for two possibilities and note your reactions. What do the Wisdom Cards say? 24 • What is your fear regarding using the Cards? Shuffle and draw a Card on your fear issue. Respond, read Wisdom Card for insight.
25 • What is your issue in being positive towards life? Choose a Card on this. Respond. Then choose a Breakthrough Card if needed. 26 • Work on a breakthrough where things are not moving. Define the issue. Shuffle. Choose a Breakthrough Card and react. 27 • Review your Cards for the week. Look for themes, repeat images and issues. What wisdom principles surface? 28 • Take all your Cards for the month and arrange in a pattern how you feel it. Make connections. Summarize.