The Dream Cards Recipes    Reprint JourneyPress The Netherlands 2004

Strephon Kaplan-Williams
"In 1991 when the Dream Cards were first published we had very little experience of how the Cards worked. Now [1999] sales around the world have demonstrated that this card system does work for so many people. Why is that? After much practice in Dream Cards work, the author and his students have come to these conclusions.

Dream Cards Recipes What we did not realize at the time is that the manifestation of synchronicity in Dream Cards readings is very powerful in evoking meaning and even presenting possibilities for outcomes. Dream Cards readings do not predict future happenings but do seem to illustrate potential happenings, in the present needing to be dealt with through choice and awareness. Therefore nine out of ten people are using the Dream Cards for readings on life issues rather than on understanding their night dreams.

It was also discovered that the symbol system upon which the Dream Cards are based proved difficult for a significant number of people to understand. This led directly to trainings in Dream Cards work and the devising of basic recipes for doing Dream Cards spreads. The results are in this book and will hopefully assist you in working with The Dream Cards".

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