The Dream Alphabet    JourneyPress The Netherlands 2004

Strephon Kaplan-Williams
"For more than forty years I have been asking questions as a teacher of consciousness and as a dream psychologist and therapist in the Jungian tradition. In The Dream Alphabet I give you the basic questions I might ask if you consulted me personally on your dream or life situation.

The Dream AlphabetFind the symbols which have the most energy for you in your dream or strong life situation and then look these up in the over two thousand entries of the Dream Alphabet.
Within this book there are three hundred fundamental life choices we can make in response to what life presents us. These key choices are themselves fascinating, because you can use them in your life as well as school yourself in the choices you are good at and not so good at.

The Dream Alphabet is also excellent as a study book to use with groups. Simply look up certain topics or symbols and have a discussion in response to the questions that go with your topic or symbol. Through this process you will be developing your wisdom function so you can respond to life situations at a deeper level."

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