Dreamwork 8 basic dreamwork questions will help you work with your dreams.

Dreamwork 8 basic questions
Write down your dream soon after waking.
As fully as possible, do not let yourself be disturbed.
Underline what your dream ego - the image of yourself in the dream - is doing.
Use this list of questions when working with your dream, not necessarily the same day.

    1. What are you doing in your dream?

    2. What are you not doing in your dream?

    3. What is in conflict or unresolved or not finished?

    4. How are your actions in contrast or similar to the dream ego?

    5. What would you do differently if you re-entered your dream?

    6. What does the dream suggest when applied to your life?

    7. What teachings or insights are revealed by this dream?

    8. How will you apply the dream's teachings to your life?